Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Great July 25 work party!

Thanks everyone for your help. I can't believe we filled that entire dumpster! The valley is returning to its splendor, and all your work, especially in the heat, is very much appreciated! Kudos to Jamie 1 and Jamie 2, Doug, Jessica, Rebecca, Katha, Deborah, Diane, Paul, Gail, Walt and so many more (Jamie please send names)!

In the Paschall house, we found beautiful fir floors beneath the shag carpet and cleaned out all but the couch frame. Doug opened up some windows and removed some of the people proofing that had been installed.

In the caretakers house, we got rid of the old mattresses and bulkier materials.

Katha and Deborah spent hours carefully looking through the materials of the toolshed and 2-room cabin. Unfortunately, most was not savable, but we did set lots of goodies aside for future historical use and also reuse by other groups (though what Katha will do with the animal teeth is a bit of a mystery).

Jessica led a team that attacked the thistle, Himalayan blackberry, and ivy to the east of the main house. There's still a lot more to do on this, but we made a dent.

Paul and Mindy cleaned up the area around the greenhouse and gathered the reusable pots into the carport.

We also filled the carport with recyclables, including metal and glass.

We're still working on a date for a September work party, and I'll get some photos up to show our progress soon! We didn't want to go any longer without sending a big THANK YOU to the intrepid volunteers.

--The Mountaineers Foundation