Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hidden Valley Photo Blog XII

When I visited the Valley in September it was more gold than green. 

The apple trees are weighted down with fruit 
 And the beavers are very busy. There were two new dams under construction on Wildcat Creek
This one made mostly of sticks and 

This one built primarily of rocks. 

I wish I knew more about beavers. As it is I have no idea if these dams are the work of the juveniles learning how to build dams or the work of adults intended to slow the water and protect the main dam. 

Speaking of the main dam, it continues to grow. 

The confluence of Lost (on left) and Wildcat Creeks (right) as they form Chico Creek.

The tangle of sticks on Lost Creek is just that, a tangle of sticks; no sign of beaver activity 

There is another beaver dam; this one on Chico Creek. Here is a an area near the dam that the beavers have clear cut. 

Until Next Time