Saturday, April 14, 2012

Late March Showers Bring Changes and Flowers in Hidden Valley

The big rains have remodeled the confluence of Lost and Wildcat Creeks where they form Chico Creek.

And both the upper and lower beavers dams were blown out but the sheer volume of water. 

There are still plenty of snowdrops and crocus blooming


And the rhododendrons are beginning to bloom

It's pleasant to see all the shades of greens in the meadow.

Until next time. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hidden Valley Spring Time

Hidden Valley in March is beautiful making the areas that still need to be cleaned up stand out in painful contrast. There is still a big pile of tires that need to be removed.

Winter weather has done quite a number on the backside of the barn. 


The beavers have been very busy. The big apple trees are all down.

These were good sized trees. The beavers are definitely ambitious. 

The valley looks different without the apple trees. 

There were two dams on Wildcat Creek in March. There was an upper dam in the same location as the first year's dam attempt. 

And a lower dam near the confluence. 

Beavers slides are everywhere along the banks of the creek. 

The crocus and snowdrops were growing in great profusion all over the valley.

Hidden Valley is a beautiful piece of the Rhododendron Preserve. More photos are coming soon.