Friday, June 1, 2012

Spring Time in Hidden Valley

 Hidden Valley in the spring is all about blooming. There are masses of rhododendrons


A previously unnoticed Tulip Tree,


Bright tulips, 

 Fluffy pink blossoms on a tree

Bluebells and strawberries

Bleeding hearts

And Forget-me-nots

Fisheries biologists are in the Valley studying the recovering Coho salmon run on both Lost and Wildcat Creeks. These smolt traps allow the biologists to count the smolt leaving the creeks. 

Beavers remain active

Even though the last big rain wiped out their dams.  

There was some question about whether we would need to replant along the banks but as the abundance of alder saplings proves Mother Nature is taking care of that for us.

And last but not least, the horse tail fern are beginning to open out.

There will be opportunities to visit Hidden Valley and the Rhododendron Preserve this summer. Visit our new Rhododendron Preserve website to learn more about visiting this amazing ecological jewel. 

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