Sunday, September 23, 2012

Successful September 2012 work party!

A strong crew of 16 made a huge difference on the Big Tree trail and Hidden Valley.  A big thanks to Lisa, Martha, Hollie, Richard, Alex, Tom, Trisha, Amber, Jim, Andy, Michael, Scott, Gardner, Greg and Cindy for your time and energy!

Hollie and Richard did a great job leveling the Big Tree trail, joined by Andy and Michael.

Meanwhile, Scott and Gardner did some trail repair, repurposing some of the demolition debris from Hidden Valley.

Greg, Cindy, Trisha and Tom continued separating out the salvageable materials from the wood waste from the old barn -- a hot job in the sun.

Hidden Valley ivy no longer strangles some trees or covers part of Wildcat Creek's stream banks.  Amber, Lisa, Jim, and Alex, joined later by Tom, Andy, and Michael cleared out several patches of ivy, first hacking a path to the area through the brush, and creating a monster pile of ivy waste.

We appreciate your help maintaining the Preserve and improving Hidden Valley!

-- Mindy, and the Mountaineers Foundation board

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